Monday, November 19, 2007

Yuwie, the social networking site that pays

I've just recently joined this community, and I must say I'm very impressed with its potential.

If you're curious about it, you can look at my homepage:

Yes, it's the one with the cute Shar Pei dog.

If you're familiar with social networking sites like Friendster, Myspace, etc. This one is similar. You can post your blog here, post pictures for sharing, network with friends etc.

So why not join the more established networking sites?

The reason is everytime you use their services, everytime somebody takes a look at your homepage, at your blog entries, at your pictures, at your layouts, you get credited with page views. You earn with your page views! The more page views you get, the larger your earning!

Not only that, you can refer people, and the pages of the people you refer also get credited to YOU as your referral's page views, which increases your earnings.

It's easier to understand if you try to play the following video: . Be sure to turn up the volume so you will understand what it's all about.

It's free to join. Payment option is either by paypal or by check, and minimum payout is 25 dollars.

Downside: It is a little slow to load, especially if you're using a dial up connection, but I guess it's improving. A while ago, I didn't encounter any problem with speed at all.

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