Thursday, November 15, 2007

A reminder about work at home programs

1. Although most programs are quite easy to do, you still have to do it. You can't just join and expect the money to come in without any effort at all.

2. These are not get rich quick programs. You can get a healthy income from a variety of programs IF you work at it.

3. Referrals will boost your income. But do remember that some referrals won't be active at all. That's all right. It's always a question of numbers. Get more referrals, there's bound to be a few that will work on the program.

4. Choose the programs that is applicable to your area. There are programs that are for the US only, so if you're from outside the USA, you'll just be wasting time if you join.

5. Choose the program that has a method of payment that will be applicable to your area. Or else, you would not get your payment at all.

6. As with all businesses, the programs will work for you only if you keep at it and do not give up.

7. Always maintain a positive attitude about your work, and remember why you're doing it in the first place.

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