Friday, December 14, 2007

Clixsense -- Earn monthly paychecks viewing ads

Clixsense -- Earn monthly paychecks viewing ads

What it is: Get paid to click program

Payment options: Check. Minimum payout is 10 dollars. Check will be mailed to the address you indicate in your account.

You also earn 10% of the revenues collected from your referrals and 50% commission on any member you refer who upgrades their account to premium status.


You are given ads to view. When you click on the link to the ad, it opens in another window and the timer starts. You have to complete 30 seconds before viewing another ad.

The amount to be paid to you is indicated above every ad link. It is 1 cent most of the time, but there are also those ads that pay higher.

There is an option to upgrade to Premium status, in which you will be given more ads to read.

I found this a relatively easy way to pile up the cents, as you do not need too much effort to click on the ads and wait 30 seconds.

Click here to join CLIXSENSE.

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